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4x08 • Hunter ♐

This is the first time I've completed a challenge at character20n20 despite several past attempts. Everybody celebrate! Or don't. That's cool too. I chose to claim Allison Argent from Teen Wolf because while I haven't always loved her character, I've always loved working with caps of her. Another reason I claimed her is because I've come to appreciate her character more after this most recent (half) season.

Coming before the end of the month will be a multifandom post and those mini-tutorials.

Teen Wolf 01-20.

Alt. Color Blocks Far & Vibrant First Appearance Four or More Hair Porn
Silhouette/Cursive Strong Surprised Target Yellow & Red

CATEGORY (Duotone + Magnifying Glass)
one two three four five

artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5

Credit watchpoint or nonewsteps.
Please comment if you are taking something.
No hotlinking unless given permission.
Do not alter, copy, or claim any of the icons as your own work.
Like what you see? Add the community to your friends list for updates.

4x07 Night Call
Hannibal, Orphan Black, Reign, True Detective, Drive, Game of Thrones, Elementary, Masters of Sex, The Avengers, Fringe, Divergent, Teen Wolf

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