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6x02 • Don't Dead Open Inside

I actually completed a set for a 20in20! It's been forever since I've done that. This is my set for 20muses. The theme this month is "IN COLOR" and if you haven't seen it already, check out the inspiration post because it is beautiful. I chose the easy mode and I'm glad I did because I struggled to get these done with what's going on in real life. I don't think I could have handled the extra stress of normal or hard mode! I ended up switching my claim from iZombie and The 100 to The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, which I didn't end up using.

Easy mode required that you make 5 icons using primary colors, 5 using secondary colors, 5 using tertiary colors, and 5 with neutral colors and that's the order these are displayed. It was a challenge for me working with specific colors, some of which don't fit the show as well as others. Also, the easiest way to do this challenge is to work with bright colors which is not my style or taste so that was interesting, sometimes frustrating, to work with too. (Like, I could do neutral toned icons for daaays!)

The Walking Dead 01-25


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6x01 • Mistaken for Strangers
The Addams Family (tv), The Man in the High Castle, Sense8, Teen Wolf, Vikings, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Funhaus, Rooster Teeth

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