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6x04 • Fists and Feet and Stuff

You're the Worst, you guys. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW. For me, it's easily among the top five best quality shows in production right now. It's funny but also deals with real emotions in an honest way. These icons ended up almost all Gretchen which is no surprise since I love her and relate to her struggles with clinical depression and her red hair is fun to work with. And then there's Lindsay! Kether Donohue is a comedic genius. I always find myself rewinding to hear her line delivery again and again. The friendship between Gretchen and Lindsay is my everything. I wanted to make one of Edgar because he's amazing and the least worst of all of the characters but I couldn't resist my infatuation with Gretchen.

This month's theme at 20muses was Keep It Simple which obviously I was thrilled to see! I love making minimalist icons where it's all about the crop, color, and light. It's my favorite type of icon to make and to use. I didn't intend to organize them by level of vibrancy but as I started to put the post together, I thought they looked better that way so I ended up going for that. Maybe it's because it fit my mindset as I had just completed the 10in30 challenge Vibrant + Muted which was also a lot of fun.

The other icons are alternates from the the 20muses and 10in30 sets, a challenge at theiconthrone, and the March Maker Activity at tasteislife.

You're the Worst 01-20, The 100 21-30, The Vampire Diaries 31, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 32-33, iZombie 34, Sucker Punch 35, Teen Wolf 36-38, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 39-40, The 100 41-47, You're the Worst 48-55.

You're the Worst for 20muses

The 100 for 10in30

alternates and more

Credit partitioning or nonewsteps.
Please comment if you are taking something.
No hotlinking unless given permission.
Do not alter, copy, or claim any of the icons as your own work.
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6x03 • I Am Also a We

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