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4x05 • Royal Blood

This post is 100% tv shows and 96% shows that are new this season. This is partially because of the great March Maker Activity at tasteislife. I ended up making a lot more for that activity than I ended up submitting. And then there's Reign icons because I've just caught up on the show (and I love it.)

If you missed it, I'm taking requests for tutorials here!

Looking 01-15, Almost Human 16-18, Believe 19, True Detective 20, Brooklyn Nine-Nine 21-23, Elementary 24, Hannibal 25, Black Sails 26-35, Chicago PD 36, The Originals 37, Reign 38-48.

Credit watchpoint or nonewsteps.
Please comment if you are taking something.
No hotlinking unless given permission.
Do not alter, copy, or claim any of the icons as your own work.
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4x04 The Long Bright Dark
Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Farscape, Hannbial, Breaking Bad, True Detective, Almost Human, Community, American Horror Story: Coven, Orphan Black, Veronica Mars, Pride and Prejudice, The Avengers, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Gravity, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska

Tags: .icons, almost human, believe, black sails, brooklyn nine-nine, chicago pd, elementary, hannibal, looking, reign, the originals, true detective, |2014|
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